July 8, 2024

Strongest Vehicles in PUBG Mobile to Rank You Up

Knowing that the maps in battle-royale games, like PUBG Mobile, are big and the buildings are scattered for some, walking by foot can be a hassle especially if the ring starts to shrink fast during the later rounds. That is why vehicles are a thing in PUBG Mobile. This is to help players easily relocate to a safer area and to protect them from damage while escaping because these vehicles also serve as additional armor.

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Food Truck

For some, it might be an odd choice to pick the Food Truck as their transportation vessel in PUBG Mobile. But in fact, compared to other vehicles, the Food Truck is the one that can easily safeguard you to another location with another three players with you. 

The reason why it is the best choice is because of how tough it is. The whole structure of the vehicle can absorb a great amount of damage, except when it is shot in its tires. Plus, the Food Truck can surprisingly be fast up to 120 km/hr. However, the only important thing to consider is that the surface should be flat in order for it to run at its maximum speed. While moving, its open window can also allow the players to return shots to the enemies while moving.


One good choice of vehicle in the game is the UAZ vehicle. Its characteristics are closely similar to the closed-top pickup, however, UAZ has a higher vehicle health making it last longer. Another thing that makes UAZ a better option than the close-top pickup is that it also has a covered top which provides more security without compromising the speed. The UAZ vehicle can drive up to 115 km/h top speed.

Closed Top Pickup

For some players, the Closed Top Pickup is a go-to PUBGM vehicle because of how sturdy and hard it is to destroy. That being said, if you are on a run and a group of enemies are attacking your squad, getting inside your Closed Top Pickup is instant armor for all of you. However, Closed Top Pickup cannot compete when it comes to speed. So, if an enemy vehicle is after you, you will surely be chased down.

Motor Glider

When things are heated between squads, the best way to escape the encounter is through gliding away. This is where the Motor Glider becomes an advantage. 

With the Motor Glider, only two players can fit in with only one being able to return bullets to the enemies on the ground. Although Motor Glider has leverage because of the movement, Motor Glider still has some drawbacks and one of the primary problems with it is its capability to only fly on a short duration. That being said, Motor Glider is a great choice for a quick escape.

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